A couple of days ago we started spotting a new vulnerability affecting Microsoft Video ActiveX Control. Even though it's been said there are thousands of web sites affected, they are only a few dozens and most of them are in China: Anyway, it is a matter of time to see this attack expanding worldwide. We've seen this zero day installing a Lineage Trojan, but this could change and cybercriminals could install any kind of malware.

Microsoft has published an advisory with a workaround while they prepare a final solution. An important message to everyone: please apply this workaround ASAP.

If you are a Panda user with TruPrevent Technologies, then you are not in a hurry, as it is proactively stopping it. The best thing is that you don't need to install some kind of beta or technology preview, it just works in all of our consumer and corporate products as long as they have enabled TruPrevent. No matter which version you have installed, it covers not only the brand new 2010 products but any old version with TruPrevent.

Sean-Paul shows you here why and how you are protected: