Children and smartphones

Kid's telephone

One of the more complex questions parents have to answer sooner or later is when to buy your kids a cell phone.

It’s a hard question to answer personally and a hard one for parents to agree on collectively.

Did you know there exist many phones marketed to children 3 to 8 years old? As an example you can have a look at the Teddyphone.

What is your very own opinion? Can you help us answering the “What’s the right age for a child to have a cell phone” question? Which of these ideas do you feel more identified with?

when to buy your kids a cell phone

A– Kids need no cell phones until they have drivers’ licenses. Calling for a tow or in event of an accident is the only reason for kids to need their own personal phone.

B–  When it’s useful to you for them to have one so you’re not playing phone tag through school offices, friends’ moms, etc.

C–  When they get picked up and dropped off at activities and you may need to contact them to tell them you’re running late or Uncle Bob is picking them up.

D–   When  the child is responsible enough to not lose it.

E–   Whenever they can pay for it.

How many generations got along just fine without cell phones? Yeah… sure that as many as got along fine without seat belts or the internet or calculators. But you cannot struggle against progress…

 when to buy your kids a cell phone

So, honestly, we need your help!

Can you chose your option or send us your comments with your very own thoughts?