i love you virus

Melissa.A, Friday the 13th are viruses that we’ve reviewed until now on this blog. Today we’re going to talk about ‘ILoveYou’, so famous that it’s almost not even necessary to present it.

‘ILoveYou’ appeared in the year 2000, from the Philippines and was capable of infecting millions of computers and important institutions such as the Pentagon, CIA and British Parliament.

This ‘loving’ virus is a very dangerous and destructive worm that uses a so-called love letter as a hook to get the user to open the file that contains the virus and affect the computer.


How to Recognize the ‘ILoveYou’ Virus

You can learn to realize if the ‘ILoveYou’ virus reaches you in an email by looking for the following characteristics:

–          Subject: ILOVEYOU

–          Content: Kindly check the attached LOVELETTER from me

–          Attachment: LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs

Another alarming signal is receiving the LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU file.HTM through a chat.

Were you ever infected by ‘ILoveYou’?


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