800.000 Virgin Media customers advised to change their passwords over imminent hack risk

Virgin Media, one of UK’s larger Internet providers, has advised more than their 800.000 customers using a specific router (Super Hub 2), to change their passwords immediately after an investigation revealed they are prone to hacking.

The warning comes after ethical security experts SureCLoud were able to crack the router’s default password in just days, allowing hackers to interact with some connected devices.
The investigation showed 8 out of 15 of the smart products tested had security issues.

CCTV cameras and some children “smart toys” were among the vulnerable devices. The hackers at SureCloud were even able to view live images from inside a home and move the cameras.
Virgin Media has claimed that although the risk is small, customers using default network and router passwords should change them immediately or upgrade to Super Hub 3.

What are the risks of using default passwords?

Changing the initial configuration of your network, devices or software is the rule number one in order to guarantee your safety. Taking the easy route and accepting the default settings could be very dangerous for your confidential information.

Default configuration is aimed mostly at usability rather than security, but this is a great risk to take, a simple Internet search could allow hackers to find on forums and other easy-to-find places on the Internet credentials of routers and software and access to your connected devices and what is more dangerous your confidential information like bank details or private media.

How can we change our router’s protection?

Some people don’t change the configuration of their routers in order to avoid the hassle, but you can find some valuable information online, the most important steps would be the following:

  • Find the router on the network, every computer on a network is assigned to an unique number
  • Find the password
  • Change the password

It is also highly recommended to change your passwords evert three months, remember connected technology is still very vulnerable, so it is important to always add an extra security layer like protecting your devices with an antivirus software that monitors your devices and protects your confidentiality.