Our win32 command-line scanner based on the Panda Engine v1.4.3 is still undergoing QA testing but we're releasing it here first for research purposes. Some of the new functionalities included are support of Vista platforms, Office12, SIS, MMS formats, low-level rootkit detection and more. Check out the specs of the Panda Engine v1.4.3 for more info.

The current Panda Antivirus Command-Line (aka PAVCL) is version and can be downloaded from here. There's also a linux scanner available in (EDIT LINK) rpm and (EDIT LINK) tgz even though that is still based on a previous version of the engine. As soon as we're done integrating 1.4.3 into linux I'll post it here.

It's basic syntax is:
pavcl.exe [parameter] [what to scan]

Simply run "pavcl.exe" to get a complete listing of the available parameters. Some of the most interesting and commonly used ones are the following:

Do not scan boot sector
Delete infected files
Seach for viruses in compressed files
Disinfect viruses found
Activates heuristic high sensibility
Does not allow Ctrl-C breaking of the program
Deactivate sounds
Create a report file
Scan all extensions
Scan memory
Do no scan memory

Some typical examples:
pavcl -cmp -aex -clv c:windows
pavcl -cmp -aex -nob -nos -heu:1 -nomem "c:utilitiesdownloads from internet"