This afternoon I noticed an interesting e-mail appearing to be from the Twitter support team (  The e-mail bypassed the Gmail spam filters and used the official twitter logo/e-mail template.  The e-mail (below) stated that I had 2 unread messages in my inbox.

The advertised link in the e-mail is, but in like many spam e-mails, hovering over the URL will display a different destination address.

Twitter Support Spam

Upon clicking the link, I was expecting to see some rogue antivirus, but instead I was greeted with a “Candian Healthcare” Viagra/Cialis shopping cart scam.

Canadian Pharmacy Scam

No hidden iframe, no fake antivirus, just Viagra+Cialis (for the very low price of $6).  The only other item dropped down to the browser was two cookies named “LastVisit” and “said”, both expiring on 4-22-2011 with the values of “2010-04-23+01%3A20%3A57”