Spam emails are currently being sent to citizens throughout Germany, supposedly from the Federal Ministry of Health. In these e-mails, the recipient is asked to view the modified application form for “family and sick leave”. The form is attached to the e-mail as a Word document. However, this file contains malware that loads the Trojan Trickbot, according to computer virus expert Christoph Fischer of the German press agency (DPA). However, this is classic ransomware, i.e. an encryption Trojan.

The security expert warns that after the Easter holidays, this email could cause a large wave of infection if it is opened by the recipients in their home office. The email looks absolutely authentic to the recipient. Eventually, the computer is encrypted to extort ransom money.

The phishing wave continues to increase

This SPAM e-mail is therefore in line with the current trend of the explosive increase in phishing e-mails, especially in relation to information about COVID-19. For weeks there have been dangerous spam emails with malicious attachments in circulation that seem to refer to the current coronavirus pandemic. If these are then opened by the user, the attackers can execute malicious code and thus gain access to not only personal but also sensitive company data in the home office. Also, the number of fake websites and domains that apparently reveal information about the spread of the coronavirus or contain the word “corona” continues to grow steadily.

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