Posted by David San José September 10, 2009


  1. Your children need a bit of peace to use the Internet. Let them shut themselves in their room to search for information online and don’t dare interrupt them, they are probably studying and you surely don’t want to disturb them, do you?
  2. Encourage your children to socialize with other people in chats, forums, social networks… but give them their space, you have nothing to fear, pedophiles don’t use technology…
  3. Don’t install Web filtering software, let them access everything without restrictions. You are no dictator and your children are responsible enough so as to know which pages they should visit and which they shouldn’t.

No, we haven’t gone crazy… but if on reading this you have realized what you sometimes do regarding how and when your children access information online, we have achieved our goal.

We are not suggesting total Internet restriction for children. In the same way you teach them how to study, manage their money, use the telephone, etc. you should also teach them this aspect.



  1. The computer must be in the living room. The child should be accompanied by an adult that supervises the sites accessed every day.
  2. In the same way you know their friends, get to know their Internet contacts. Tell them not to give out personal details, banking details, etc. 
  3. Keep your antivirus up-to-date and the parental control enabled with the restrictions you think appropriate for their age.

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David San José