Posted by José Manuel Bernal, July 2010

I have some very good news to share with you. The new 2011 antivirus products are now available to you, with a host of new features for your benefit:

  • Enjoy maximum protection against all types of threats with minimum resource consumption.


  • New interface.
  • The new product lineup includes:
    Note: for a detailed description of the main product features, check the following comparative chart.

    1. Home network management.  Checks the security status of your home computers.
    2. Gaming/multi-media mode. Uninterrupted full-screen gaming and viewing.
    3. Online Backup: We have changed our supplier, from Docoom to Mozy. Lets you access your data from anywhere, with 2GB online storage.
    4. Remote access to your PC. Easy access from anywhere to your home or office computer.
    5. File encryption. Protect your files from prying eyes.
    6. File shredder. Deletes your files forever ensuring no one can get access to your data.
    7. Virtual keyboard. Secure creation and use of passwords without your keyboard.
    8. Virtual browser. Panda Safe Browser (Sandboxing). Safe access to any website.

We have prepared a specific section on the Support Web page with information about each product and the most relevant FAQs.

Also, starting today, our support forum includes a specific area where you will find the answer to any questions you might have.

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