Cybercriminals that perform malware attacks have an easy target: SMEs and freelancers that don’t worry about their cybersecurity.  Most of them don’t have a professional antivirus that can protect their business from the biggest threats on the Internet, and the hackers know it!

At Panda, we want to help all of the small businesses and freelancers who suffer from cyberattacks on a daily basis.  Thus, we have prepared a ‘Guide to security for small businesses and freelancers,’ that contains advice on the kind of protection these businesses need.   We have an antivirus to fit their needs: Small Business Protection.

Our antivirus for small businesses and freelancers protects against every kind of malware.  Do you know which are the most dangerous types of malware?  Discover them in this infographic.



Why these types of malware are so dangerous?

Scam: It tricks you with promotions for holidays and lotteries, and asks for money to access the supposed prize.

Worm: It infects the computers connected to the network and even blocks access to communications.

Phishing: It creates a false URL to obtain your information and to steal your identity, thus being able to rob from your bank accounts.

Backdoor: It opens a back door and takes control of the affected system.

Keylogger: It collects, saves, and sends all of the inputs on the keyboard.

ATP*: It breaches your security so as to control and monitor it, being able to then extract information continuously.

Trojan: It installs various applications so that hackers can control your computer, your files, and steal confidential information.

Exploit: It takes advantage of a security flaw in communication protocols to enter your computers.

Spyware: It collects names, accounts, access codes, and any other type of information on the organization.

BOT: It is a program which, once inside your computer, allows us to control it remotely.

Ransomware: It blocks the PC, takes control, encrypts your files, and demands a ransom to return them to you.