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We’re in need of cybersecurity professionals. While the risks associated with digitalization increase (data in the cloud, corporate applications, the Internet of Things, etc.), the number of trained cybersecurity professionals remains low, creating the worst possible vulnerability for businesses: a lack of qualified IT professionals.

In a recent study, it was estimated that around one million experts are missing globally, including experts who should be leading this sector. 82% of those who make decisions for cybersecurity in companies believe that there is a lack of knowledge, and even worse, 71% are convinced that this expert-deficit is partially responsible for the cyberattacks that are constantly going after corporations.

There is a need for about one million experts worldwide

The authors of the report Hacking the Skills Shortage interviewed 775 people involved in IT security decision-making in organizations and have come to the conclusion that the lack of professionals is not a local problem for some countries or some companies, but it actually affects the whole world. The United States was even left vulnerable due to more than 200,000 IT related jobs that were not filled in 2015.

Although the total amount spent on protection against computer threats is ascending (it went from $75,000 to $100,000 last year), each day we hear about new businesses that fall victim to cyberattacks, and that’s not including all of the intrusions that never come to light. According to the surveyed experts, cybercriminals are very aware of the lack of IT staff in companies and are taking advantage of it.

The U.S. alone lacked cybersecurity professionals in over 200,000 jobs in cybersecurity in 2015

This problem does not seem to have a short term solution. In fact, according to the report, 15% of the cybersecurity positions in companies will still be vacant in 2020. To fix this, companies should promote new educational models and accelerate the training programs in cybersecurity.

Although the amount invested in cybersecurity is increasing, this is an area that must continue to be strengthened. 23% of the consulted professionals said that training programs in this sector are scarce and the ones that exist are not very efficient. According to 76%, governments are investing in developing this talent.

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