Published by Blanca Carton, february 2011

When I was a child there was no Internet. Well, it’s not that I am that old ;-), but the World Wide Web came into my life when I was in my teens. A few years have passed since then and I must confess that the Internet is now an essential part of my everyday life.

I use it for almost everything: bank transfers, doing my weekly shopping, holiday reservations…  Who was going to tell me!

However, surfing the Net poses some safety risks that we should all be aware of.

I recently visited the Internet in Safe Hands website, where you can find information about the latest Internet threats as well as tips to combat them. The Resources section contains a number of guides you can download, like Mums on the Web, with simple measures to protect your family, Teenagers Guide, with tips for chatting, playing online or downloading safely, or the one I am currently reading, Guide for Safe Online Shopping, with practical advice for you to shop online with complete peace of mind.

Visit it! I hope you find it as useful as I did.