A few weeks ago a spam attack was launched – as it happens everyday. But that time there was something new. It was a pump and dump stock scam, using a PDF attachment. And what’s more, the PDF looked in a very professional way, so many people could be fooled. You can download the PDF clicking on the image below:



It must have been successful somehow, as the number of  these PDF scams are increasing a lot. We must say that most of them are made in a really poor way, just take a look at the following screenshots:






But you can find some which look better:





As you can see most of the times they are just copy-pasting the body of the “old” spam messages into the PDF file. But today, I have found one that has caught my eye. The first thing is the Subject (Off the record), which, on its own, makes anyone’s curiosity arouse. If the message is opened, there is a PDF attached, whose name is the name and surname of the user’s mail account! When it is opened, we discover that we will be given $500 if we reactivate an online casino account, finally it was not so exciting: