If last week we talked about a rogueware program that had deliberately imitated Microsoft’s free antimalware protection called Security Essentials, today we’re going to show you a program that imitates Panda Security’s products, site, logo, etc.

You’ll probably have ever played the Find the differences game; it consists in finding the differences between two similar pictures.

Well, now I want to you to play the opposite game, find the correspondences between two apparently different pictures.

The pictures we’re going to compare are taken from our website and the rogueware’s website.

Let’s have a look at both of them:

Panda’s website:


Rogueware’s website:


Well, they really look alike, don’t they? However, we must admit that this rogueware has not copied us completely, as it has taken its name (Antivir) from another antivirus company, Avira.

This is just another trick they use to deceive users and make them think these programs are reliable.