-Luis Miguel Gilpérez and Pedro Solbes are joining the renewed Advisory Board.
-The profile of these new members reflects Panda’s support for key account, at a time when the corporate business line represents 82% of its turnover.

Two new members are joining Panda Security’s Advisory Board, of which Óscar Fanjul is already a member: Luis Miguel Gilpérez, telecommunications sector director, who was president of Telefónica Spain between 2011 and 2018; and Pedro Solbes, second vice president and minister of economy and finance between 2004 and 2009, among other positions. The Panda Security Board of Directors is made up of José Sancho, Jaime Bergel, and Juan Santamaría (CEO). 

Gilpérez ended his time as President of Telefónica Spain in February 2018, after seven years in charge of the company. He developed his whole career with the telecommunications operator, after starting there in 1981. From 2006 until September 2010, he was in charge of the Mobile Business area in Telefónica LatAm, and later CEO of Telefónica in Brazil. He was a pioneer of convergent products in Spain, and of the removal of subsidies for mobile handsets, two actions that consolidated the operator’s client base in Spain.

For his part, Solbes brings to the table experience in Spanish and European institutions – in the EU as a European commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, and in Spain as an economic vice president. He has been a leader in the Spanish government, and his achievements include attaining economic growth, job creation, obtaining a surplus in the government accounts, and controlling public debt. From 2001 to 2011, he was a member of the board of directors for the Italian energy company, Enel, owner of Endesa. He is also currently a member of the Advisory Board of La Caixa Private Banking.

The incorporation of Gilpérez and Solbes coincides with the four-yearly renewal of the board. The company’s idea with these new members is to include people with extensive experience and who have seen the market from different perspectives. This will help Panda Security to focus its value proposal on the Enterprise segment, in which it predicts a continued growth of 35% annually.

$100M turnover in sight

Founded in 1990, Panda Security has over 500 collaborators, and direct presence with offices in 16 countries, most of which are in Europe, as well as the United States, Mexico and Brazil. It also has a network of country partners at a global level, bringing Panda’s advanced solutions and services to over 180 countries.

Panda is a specialist in developing advanced cybersecurity solutions and services, as well as managing computers, systems and data. It is the largest Spanish software company. Currently, thanks to its continuous growth over the last few years, it is also the leading European manufacturer of advanced security systems (EDR, Endpoint Detection and Response). It is one of the four leading EDR vendors worldwide, with a global market share of 10%.

With a global presence, and Europe and America as its principal markets, this year Panda plans to increase its growth to 14% compared to last year. This rate of growth will allow the company to reach $100M turnover within the current three year plan. 85% of its turnover comes from the international market, with a growing significance in the largest market: America. “Our technology, capabilities, and work model have helped us to become the advanced cybersecurity solution of large companies in all key sectors in the economy: banks, insurers, telecommunications, other critical infrastructures, the public sector, and so on,” said Juan Santamaría. “The geostrategic component in the current cyberwar context is a fundamental element in decisions about cybersecurity. With this change in the advisory board we are aligning ourselves with the preoccupations and needs of our large clients,” he added.