One of the latest examples of ransomware we have seen is Trj/SMSlock.A
The main aim of this malware is to make users pay ransom for their computer in order to have it completely operative.
Until now some of the functionalities we had seen in ransomware were to encrypt certain documents or extensions of the computer or to empty the emails of the user’s inbox and the contact list, among others. However, in the case of Trj/SMSlock.A, it locks the access to the system (leaving the computer unusable), and it displays on the screen a message in Russian which contains the instructions so that users send an sms as a random for their system:


Note: Below you have the transcription in English of the message displayed on the screen.

To unlock you need to send an SMS with the text
to the number
Enter the resulting code:

Any attempt to reinstall the system may lead to loss of important information and computer damage