We have just published the latest PandaLabs Quarterly Report. There, you can find statistics and information about the current situation of malware as well as different sections analyzing the most interesting events of the first quarter.

Regarding malware, Trojans continue being the most relevant category of malware, at 62.16%.

The well-known Storm Worm attack, which infected thousands of computers worldwide, is still active. That’s why it is worth mentioning and we have prepared a section in which we remember the most significant dates of its infection and the social engineering techniques it used to spread.

We also approach you about some of the tools used by the malware creators in order to check their creations’ undetectability.

Nowadays, the use of Web 2.0 services is very widespread, being the social networks one of the most extended services. The wider and more active a social network is, the higher the possibilities are of malware spreading on the network and reaching a high infection rate.

Finally, you will find an interesting article about mobile threats, being Symbian the target platform for malware creators.

You can download it in English or in Spanish .


Enjoy it!