Android TV


Have you ever considered protecting your Android TV? No doubt you’re aware that your computer and smartphone need a security solution, but it’s quite likely you’ve never thought of installing one in your TV.

What is now referred to as the ‘Internet of things’ is changing all this, as practically any device connected to the Internet can be infected, even TVs. You should also bear in mind that the Android operating system is now a major target for cyber-criminals.

There are many things you can do with an Android TV, get the news online, check your email or follow the events of the day via Twitter, but there is also a downside and that’s where security comes into the picture.


Antivirus for Android

Antivirus for Android


Our antivirus for Android not only protects your smartphone but also your Android TV. As we saw earlier this year, the number of attacks against these devices is set to grow throughout 2014. And these attacks are aimed not just at smartphones, but also smart TVs.

In most cases these TVs, unlike computers, smartphones and tablets, are rarely updated by users. This means they have more security holes and the devices are more vulnerable.

What do you think? Do you need to protect your Android TV?

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