We’ve all had the occasional laugh on seeing what a friend is listening to on Spotify. To prevent this potential embarrassment, you can increase the privacy of what you do on this platform.

For example, it is not necessary for all your friends on Facebook to know what you’re listening to at any time or for your new playlists to be made public.


How to increase your privacy on Spotify

If you want to increase your privacy in Spotify, you can do so in two simple steps:

  • Click on the little wheel in the bottom left of the control panel, this takes you to your account settings.

Spotify Browse

  • Select and specify what type of content you want to share with your friends and followers and what you want to keep private. 😉

Spotify Settings


New features in Spotify

No doubt you’ve realized over the last few days that the design of the platform has changed. Whether you’re viewing from a PC or from a mobile device, everything looks darker and with a different font set. And that’s exactly how Spotify is presenting this new change: “Welcome to the dark side”.

Company spokespeople claim the new design is the most stylish ever and that it “puts the focus on the content”.

Yet the changes are not purely cosmetic. This version contains new features, including the ‘Your Music’ section which lets you save, organize and search for your favorite music. This replaces the ‘Collection’ tab. The tracks are now listed by categories.

Spotify has also improved the search engine and the recommendation of personalized content.


Want to improve your privacy on Spotify? What do you think of the new design?