Every type of person is a PayPal person. Each day, hundreds of well-known investors and business magnates are added to the list, like Peter Thiel, one of the original Facebook investors, or the South African tycoon Elon Musk, who is the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX.

A good part of the internet already uses PayPal. It has become the leading digital payment service because of its overall excellence: it is convenient, simple-to-use, and for the most part, safe. Another part of its success is due to the fact that, often, it is the only payment method available, leaving those who want to complete their purchase only one option: to create a PayPal account.

Don’t have an account but are considering getting one? Be very careful while completing the new user form. The slightest mistake made while typing the email address can have very serious consequences. This is a not only a problem for PayPal, but for the worldwide web, but PayPal’s case is particularly important because with the service, our money is, literally, on-the-line.


The slightest mistake when typing your email can have very serious consequences


“Pay” attention to the simple things

While registering for an account, always look for two fields to enter your email address: one to fill in and one to verify. What if there isn’t a blank space to verify your email? Proceed with caution. If you complete the email incorrectly, your account information could be sent to another email address, and ultimately your profile could be controlled by another person.


You aren’t required to check your email for a “confirmation” before you begin to use the PayPal service. You do not need to click a link sent to your Inbox to prove that you’re the owner of the email account. So if you type the wrong email, a stranger could kick you out of your account (they only have to change your password!) A stranger could gain access to your money because of one silly mistake.


Many important websites share this problem, like the popular car share service, Uber. However, the consequences of a log-in error while using PayPal are much graver than with other companies because the company sells itself on being a safe site for internet payments.