The first and most important thing that the majority of people look for in an antivirus service is reassurance: to easily maintain security without it taking up too much time. Discover an easy and proven way to guarantee your security with Panda Protection Service. It is very cost-effective at only €5.99/month with no-strings-attached. You can use the service and then cancel it whenever you want to. Try your first month for free!

Panda Protection Service is more than just a simple antivirus. In addition to protecting your computers, mobile phones and tablets, the purchase of a license includes an infinite number of features. Take advantage of your antivirus in every situation: theft, battery and performance optimization, blocking the Wi-Fi connection, criminals, etc.

Eight Amazing Features You Will Want

Keep your Wi-Fi off-limits

Keep cybercriminals and tricksters at bay using the Wi-Fi Protection Mode on your Panda Protection Service. You will see the exact moment your devices connect to the router in the history area. This will make it much easier to detect intrusions and cut off access to your network. This tool analyzes your Wi-Fi and searches for vulnerabilities, then offers tips on how to further increase your IT security.

Locate your stolen device

Antitheft measures are available on Panda Protection Service. The movement alarm will sound if someone touches your computer, mobile phone or tablet. If for some reason your device is stolen or lost, Panda prevents thieves from accessing your private photos and information. You can remotely update your phone’s password and wipe your device clean, and you will even receive an email with a photo and location of the thief if he tries to unblock your phone three times. If you lose your phone, you can send a message to your lost device with your information so the person who finds it can contact you.


Manage Your Passwords

With the Password Manager, you can set-up a password for every single account or page and forget about it! All you have to remember is the Master password for the management page and from there you can access everything else you need.

Safely Destroy Documents

A lot of users are unaware that dragging an old document to the Recycle Bin or clicking the “delete” button is not the end. These documents can be recuperated easily. If you really want to eliminate those highly sensitive documents, use the File Shredder. This will come in handy if you decide to recycle, reuse or sell your computer or device.

Parental Control

One of the top priorities for tech-savvy parents is to make sure their kids can safely access the internet. With Panda Protection Service, parents can apply filters to different users to make sure their kids only access trustworthy websites.

Virtual Keyboard

Although a lot of secure websites already use this feature, virtual keyboards are an additional security feature that makes it harder for cybercriminals to hack you. When you are logging into websites, like bank sites, the virtual keyboard pops up on the screen (like an image of a keyboard instead of a physical one). From here, you can enter your password without creating sounds or tones that can be deciphered by black hats.

Encrypt your files

If you are familiar with messaging services like WhatsApp, then you are aware that encryption is highly important. Encryption makes sure your private messages don’t travel to places they shouldn’t. We can also encrypt files and make them unreadable to cybercriminals, thanks to the File Encrypt mode with Panda Protection Service.