The new PandaLabs Report Q3 11 is out. Take a look at what has happened in the computer security field during the last 3 months. Just click on the picture.

In this quarter 5 million new malware samples have been created and the record of new Trojans has been broken as it the preferred category by cybercriminals to carry out their theft of information.

The Anonymous Group, who starred in the second quarter, has continued making the headlines in this period, due to the arrest of some members, theft of data from different web sites and operation PayPal.

The PandaLabs report also includes information about cybercrime, cyberwar, social networks, Mac and cell phones, social networks and a wide section to explain about exploits.

The highlight of this third quarter is the record set in the creation of new Trojan samples. 3 out of 4 new malware samples created by cybercriminals are Trojans and this is just another proof that they are focused on stealing users information.