Its founders include Spanish IT security leaders such as, Panda Security, S21sec, Hispasec Systems and Secuware

Members also include Telefonica, Amper, Cybex and TBSecurity

The National Cyber-Security Advisory Council (CNCCS) will be at the disposal of European governmental and private entities that seek assessment in cyber-security issues, to make the Internet and information networks safer, as well as  boosting innovation and financial growth


The National Cyber-Security Advisory Council (CNCCS) has been created to provide European governmental and private entities assessment in cyber-security issues.Among the founders of this initiative, organized and led by Panda Security, are several Spanish IT security leaders, such as, Panda Security, S21sec, Hispasec Systems and Secuware. In addition, eight new members have reportedly joined the council, including Telefonica, Amper, Cybex, TBSecurity, Barcelona Digital Technology Centre, School of Telecommunications Engineering, AEDEL and Deusto University.

As President of the National Security Council, Juan Santana, CEO of Panda Security said: “We have been going over the initiative with different public and private entities for several months, and we are delighted with the great reception we have had. This proves that this type of organization was necessary. Spain is among the leading nations in technology security and the companies we represent have the necessary knowledge and experience to contribute towards a responsible and safe use of the Internet and new technologies in all environments”.

There is now sustained expansion of cyber-crime driven by financial and political interests, and the IT security industry has joined forces to provide assessment to governmental and private entities on cyber-security-related issues. Our mission is to make the Internet and information networks safer, and to boost innovation and financial growth in Spain, as well as contributing towards creating a Cyber-security Prevention and Contingency Plan during Spain’s presidency of the European Union.

Several global measures are being taken to combat the effects of Internet mafias. Although there were previously no such initiatives in Spain, this country has an internationally renowned and powerful IT security industry, which can help prevent cyber-crime and improve security across different environments.

As well as acting as a consultancy, the National Advisory Council is already planning on taking several initiatives that will help:

  • Consumer identity protection
  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Creation of national legislation against cyber-crime
  • Corporate information protection
  • Evolution of government structure from physical offices to digital services
  • Improvement and support (from the Council’s point of view), of national security and financial prosperity


The National Cyber-Security Advisory Council (CNCCS) is a private organization with founder members including Panda Security, S21Sec, Hispasec Systems and Secuware. The Council’s mission is to provide organizations that operate in Spain (governmental or not) the knowledge and experience of the council members regarding national and global cyber-security issues, in order to make the Internet and information networks safer and boost innovation and financial growth. More information at