Just as we did last year and other years before that, last week we had our Panda Security Days in Sweden. This year we started in Malmö, followed by Gothenburg and ending up in Stockholm. There were very good speakers from Panda presenting different topics; Cecilia Carlsdotter talked about Panda's corporate social responsabilities innitiatives. Sebastian Zabala talked about our different products and technologies. Daniel Nyström, Head of Tech Support in Sweden, talked about various support issues and presented his excellent team. Luis Corrons talked about the latest cyber-crime techniques, focusing on banking trojans and rogue antivirus. Petter Lautin talked about the different corporate objectives for Panda in Sweden and lastly I talked about internal statistics of Collective Intelligence and other stuff we're working on.

As I know you'll be curious about this, here's some of the Collective Intelligence stats we presented during the talks:
25 TB          Size of Collective Intelligence Database
48 million     Files hosted by Collective Intelligence
80 million     Files analyzed by Collective Intelligence
61.000         New files received daily at Collective Intelligence
99.4%         Files processed automatically every day
150 GB       Size of logs generated every day by Collective Intelligence
165 million   Files queried against Collective Intelligence every day
127 KB        Bandwith usage of each Panda Cloud Antivirus agent every day

In addition to the interesting stats I'll also leave you with some pictures of this fun week in Sweden.