Panda Free Antivirus was submitted to SE Labs’ independent testing for the first time in 2022 and scored the award for Best New Endpoint solution.

SE Labs is renowned for its endpoint and anti-malware testing. Every year they test anti-malware products using a range of detection and response tests, providing valuable information for security vendors and the general public alike. In the case of Panda Free Antivirus, we are proud to see that the independent tests conducted by SE Labs ratify the effort we put into delivering the best product, which in this case can be used free of charge by users.

“To properly test a security product, you have to behave like a real attacker,” the British firm explains in its report. That’s why they scrutinise the software being tested with the most sophisticated hacking techniques available to ordinary users.

The British company also points out that submitting software to be tested by SE Labs “should not be taken lightly” as it follows a rigorous process based on internal SE Labs lab results, as well as feedback from testers and customers.

At Panda Security, we highly value the opinion of experts and are proud of the continued recognition we receive for our work, which only goes to further our efforts in providing the best cybersecurity software to all users.