Today we've officially launched the beta program for our Panda 2010 products.


As functionality-wise Panda Global Protection 2010 is the most complete product of the bunch we're releasing it as the main beta product. It includes a complete Anti-Malware Engine, Identity Theft Protection, Safe Internet Browsing filters and PC Backup & Optimization tools. More information can be found in the full functionality list.

One of the most interesting improvements this year is a 40% improvement in memory consumption, which results in a lower performance impact and better overall user experience.

You can find all the details, download link, installation details, list of known bugs and a list of recommended test at

Before you ask, Windows 7 support is not yet included in this 2010 beta. It'll be announced later on. In the meantime you can check the Panda Antivirus Pro Beta for Windows 7.