Panda-Security-ORWLWouldn’t you like to get your hands on a tough little device that will boost your business’s security? Meet ORWL, a circular computer device that is engineered to top-off your computer’s security.

A great number of companies have been victims of data leaks because of an insider or cybercriminal who had physical access to their computers or devices. Once a cybercriminal entered your computer, they can access the internals of your computer, tap and leak information, and even hide malicious eavesdropping devices.

After two years of work and a successful crowdfunding campaign, the company Design Shift has designed a device that can identify attack attempts. It prevents undetected tampering of its electrical components and, if tampering is detected, the device immediately erases all data (even when the device is unplugged).

It also acts like a safe vault for your information, only allowing access to your system once the device is unlocked with both a physical key and a password. If the physical key is far from the device, the USB ports automatically deactivate, preventing a cybercriminal with physical access to infect it with malware. ORWL also verifies the integrity of all firmware prior to boot, using a battery-backed secure microcontroller. ORWL isn’t just robust, it’s pretty much impenetrable.

This super-secure computer is complex, but it’s also an open source product, and its inner workings are available for everyone to see.

We continue to witness a large number of sophisticated cyberattacks on banks and ATMs due to a combination of system vulnerabilities and insiders with physical access.  ORWL answers a large part of our problems in terms of physical attacks. In respect to software, which is always a weak point, you can ensure your security and make yourself indispensable with the right kind of solution.