Posted by Alvaro, July 8, 2009

Who by now doesn´t know that Michael Jackson, the king of pop is dead? This post will not debate the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event, but we would like to warn you about spammers who are sending new spam on the occasion of Jackson´s death.


As you all know, SPAM is defined as unsolicited mail, usually of commercial nature, sent in huge, even massive quantities with a detrimental effect on the person receiving these emails.

Malware creators are fast and exploit any event, as it is the death of the great pop icon, in order to modify the appearance of their spam mails.

In this particular campaign, different types of SPAM can be found. They all, apparently, contain privileged information regarding the death or even assassination of Michael Jackson.


The messages invite the recipient to view videos or pictures related to a possible plot to assassin the pop star, an appealling subject for many users.

During the tests performed on these messages, several rootkits and backdoors filtering users´ bank data have been detected.

We highly recommend to keep the anti-spam protection of your antivirus updated in order to protect yourself from these attacks.