My name is José Manuel Bernal and, like William Diggiglio, I am one of the Panda Cloud Antivirus forum moderators.

I have some very good news to share with you. We have made available a new version of this cloud-based, lightweight, free antivirus, the fastest detecting new threats.

What’s new at the latest Cloud Antivirus version?

The new Cloud AV version includes:

  • Behavioural blocking. Proactive, signature-less, protection against malicious actions typically used by malware. Generic blocking of malicious PDF/DOC/XLS/PPT/WMV/etc. droppers. Compatible with both 32 and 64bit Operating Systems.
  • Behavioural analysis (PRO only). Runtime analysis and blocking of running processes. Compatible with 32bits Operating Systems as well as for 32bit processes under 64bit systems.
  • Advanced configuration. Ability to turn on/off and tweak each technology and exclusions.
  • Self-protection of the AV processes and configurations.
  • Automatic upgrades (PRO only) to new engine versions and new features automatically and transparently.
  • Improved offline protection. Default deactivation of Windows Autorun.
  • USB vaccination (PRO only) Automatic vaccination of USB memory keys and hard drives.
  • Ability to run alongside other AVs and Anti-Spyware. Can now be run alongside other security tools and scanners.
  • More languages. Added 9 new languages. PCAV is now available in a total of 20 languages.

Are there two versions: free & paid?

Yes, the basic version will remain free, and those who wants to buy superior version with more features and tech support can pay for the Pro one for 29,95.