multimedia mode

An episode of your favorite series, hours of online gaming on your PC, or a good movie can become a bad experience if your antivirus will not stop informing you of detecting threats or updates.

Because of these drawbacks, according to a fifth of players surveyed in several studies, players do not use any antivirus protection while playing online or watching movies and/or series.

This, in a scenario where the creation of new malware is reaching record numbers, keeps a PC unprotected, which can carry great consequences such as loss of personal data or identity theft.

Panda Security is aware of this problem, and has taken it into consideration. With Panda Security 2014, it automatically detects when a PC is running a multimedia application.

How to Activate the Multimedia Mode

Activation is automatic, however if you are unsure of how to enable or disable it, here are the necessary steps:

If you disabled the automatic switch to multimedia / gaming mode, it can be activated on demand when needed.

Click on the option ‘Enable Multimedia / Gaming Mode’, which is located in the Windows Menu notification area on the icon of your antivirus product.

This way you can stop fearing for your online safety while enjoying your PC at peak performance during your spare time.

Remember the steps to keep your PC virus free forever:

1. When you are in trouble, utilize the Rescue Kit

2. You can enjoy the multimedia world, watch movies online, and play games without being interrupted

3. Panda Internet Security 2014 provides the fastest on the market analysis

4. Do not be afraid to shop online with our fraud protection

5. 24/7 availability to the best technical support