Internet Explorer


Microsoft has acknowledged a security flaw in all versions of Internet Explorer. Even though there is currently no patch to resolve the issue, Microsoft’s Web page offers several workarounds to mitigate the problem until updates are released.

The company has explained that this vulnerability could potentially allow an attacker to take complete control of a compromised system and then delete information, install malicious programs or create accounts that would enable cyber-criminals to access all the user’s information.

A statement sent by Microsoft to Reuters asked users of Windows XP to update to the two latest versions of its operating system, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

For XP users the flaw is more worrying, given that from April 8 of this year Microsoft has ceased to support the OS, meaning that there will be no solution released for this system.


How to workaround the Internet Explorer security flaw

Panda Security advises users of Internet Explorer to use another browser until the release of the patch that fixes this issue.

We would also advise those with Windows XP to stop using Internet Explorer and to find another alternative which is still supported on the Microsoft operating system, such as Firefox or Chrome.


***Update: Microsoft has released a security update to fix this Internet Explorer flaw. Contrary to what might be expected, and due to the seriousness of the problem, it has also released it for Windows XP.

We advise users to download the fix as soon as possible through Windows Update.

Also, at Panda Security we are focused on analyzing this vulnerability as well as any malware that may exploit it.