A couple of days ago we mentioned how some creators of websites that host malware add metatags to them, so that they are not indexed by the search robots.

Today, we are going to mention the opposite case. Let’s take the following URL as an example: http://malwa<blocked>.com

The following tag can be found in the source code of the website:


The FOLLOW attribute allows the links included in the website to be scanned.

The ALL attribute allows all the files to be indexed completely.

The INDEX attribute allows the search engines to index the website.

Generally the creators of this type of websites want the malware to spread widely and asap. That’s why they decide not to add metatags or to add them, so that the indexing robots could index and scan the links easily. This way, when users make queries in the search engines, they are likely to access a malicious website, causing their computers to get infected with the malware hosted in them.