The six first positions of the March top ten are the same as the previous month:

1: Adware/Lop 
2: Adware/Gator
3: Application/MyWebSearch 
4: Adware/SaveNow 
5: Adware/nCase
6: Application/Winantivirus2006

The version of fakecodecs that is most extended currently, that is, Adware/VideoActiveXObject rises from the 8th to the 7th position.

Spyware/Virtumonde rises from 17th to 9th position. This malware is continually displaying banners belonging to rogue antispywares and error-repairing programs. Some versions also send information about the programs that the user has installed in the computer. They also download the toolbar Application/VSToolbar, which is in 38th position.

Adware/NaviPromo rises from 35th to 27th position. It is an adware that promotes dialers and uses rootkit functionalities in order to go unnoticed.

Trj/Torpig.A gains the 37th position. The families belonging to Trj/Torpig and Trj/Sinowal are very similar. We explained the techniques used by Trj/Sinowal in the eCrime Congress. You can take a look at the paper here.