Google just released its brand new search technology labeled “Google Instant,” which works by dynamically accelerating search results as you type into the Google search box.  Google Instant essentially predicts what users will type and rapidly makes suggestions on which search term is most relevant to what is being typed in real time.

So what?  Well, we’re kind of concerned…

If you’ve followed our blog in the past, then you know that Google hasn’t done a great job in mitigating Blackhat SEO threats, which have plagued search results for years.  As a test, I thought I’d search for “antivirus” and see what suggestions came up. Lo and behold, Antivir Solution Pro, a well known Rogueware infection was amongst the suggested search terms.

Google Instant Malicious Search Suggestion

Let’s segue from the problem of malicious search suggestions and get right down to the real problem here. I’m more concerned how this new technology can potentially improve existing Blackhat SEO campaigns.  We know for a fact that most Blackhat SEO campaigns automatically query Google’s trending topic results and now it seems that Google Instant will be suggesting those trending phrases (verbatim), potentially putting millions of victims directly in cyber criminals’ cross hairs.

Only time will tell, but we can see Google Instant aiding Blackhat SEO campaigns real soon.

Stay safe out there!