This month, the first positions of the list are very similar to last month’s.

1.- Application/MyWebSearch

2.- Adware/Lop

3.- Adware/Gator

4.- Adware/ActiveSearch

5.- Spyware/Virtumonde

6.- Adware/Savenow


Adware/VideoActiveXObject goes up from the 10th to 7th position.

It is the most active version of the known fakecodecs.


Application/RealSpy goes up from the 17th to the 13th position.

It is a commercial keylogger that logs the keystrokes typed by the user, monitors the websites visited, captures screenshots and records conversations of instant messaging programs such as MSN, ICQ, AOL and Yahoo.


Trj/Lineage.BZE goes up from the 34th to the 24th position.

It is a Trojan that steals passwords from the MORPG Lineage.