It’s summer, about 29ºC – 84ºF in Bilbao, a sunny and beautiful day. Good time for an ice-cream. But today we’ll change the menu and we’ll have an IcePack instead.



IcePack Platinum is the name of a new “Kit for installing malware through exploits”. Regarding the exploits it uses, nothing new can be added, it is very similar to Mpack, which takes advantage of the last exploits that have appeared. This way, they have more chances to infect the users that are not patched with the last updates:


– MS06-014 Internet Explorer 6 – MS06-006 Firefox 1.5

– MS06-006 Opera 7

– WVF Overflow

– QuickTime Overflow

– WinZip Overflow

– VML Overflow





Here you have an image of the ftp checker:


IcePack is programmed by other group (IDT Group) different from Mpack creators (Dream Coders Team) . The price of this tool is also lower than the Mpack and can be purchased for $400 .