Published by Ana Etxebarria

6.45 AM The alarm clock of my BB goes off. As every day, I turn it off, I stretch and as soon as I am able to open my eyes I look to check what’s new. Mhhhh! The App World icon tells me that there are 4 new updates. A new version of Foursquare, WhatsApp, Twitter and of BBM. What is special about these versions? Well, as far as I know, nothing much, but experience tells me that either I update them, or I will be bombarded by those annoying messages informing of the availability of a new version. So much to my regret, I start the update process. Of course, as usual, during the first update the BB freezes and there is no other way to revive it but by removing the battery. Once rebooted, I choose to live with the new version messages and before I starve to death, I decide to go get breakfast.

9.00 AM I arrive at the office. As I start my computer, I fetch some water, turn on the heater, check my agenda …, but just as I prepare to open my Outlook, an update message informing me that Acrobat Reader update is available appears on my screen. The truth is I do not know how many updates Acrobat releases, but my perception is that there is at least, one a week … So after the BB experience a while ago, I choose to upgrade later. I do not feel like it now. I am rebellious. But what is this new shield like icon at the bottom right of my screen? Should I click it?, it wonโ€™t be yet another update, will it? … Well, quite right, ladies and gentlemen, on this occasion it is Microsoft kindly letting me know of the availability of new automatic updates. This is wearing me out, really..

17.00 PM It has been days since I last synchronized my iPad. I will do it now that I seem to be a little calmer. I open iTunes, connect the USB, and what is the first thing I see on the screen? Bingo! A new version of iTunes available. Well, I do NOT want it, thank you very much!, Very kind of you! Enough is enough, what a day … And now whaaaat?, another screenshot?, This is not happening, arggggghhhhh !!!!! Now, this time, very politely, and totally free, I am offered a new version of the iPad software … I am not exaggerating one iota.

I give up, I throw in the towel. I cannot put up with it anymore … Let them do whatever they want. Go ahead, update the software! Do so daily if you wish! But please, I do not want to know about it. Do it silently. Do not ask for my permission. At the end of the day, if only at their persistence, they always win…

The moral of my post is the following: If today I had accepted all the kind offers of available updates for my gadgets, I would have upgraded 3 different machines, 7 software programs and an Operating System. There! Not to mention the 52 updates that according to the App Store are available …

Donโ€™t you think that something that is very positive in theory, is becoming a torture and a nightmare for users? What do you think?