antivirus for business

It is possible that you have asked yourself this same question if you own a company or are the responsible of the IT department of one.

We have always stressed the importance of being able to manage the security of the endpoints in the network anywhere, anytime, regardless of the platform from which the process is running.

The usage of Cloud Computing in companies has experienced a significant increase in recent years due to, among other things, cost savings and flexibility to access our information when we need it.

To protect this new way of working we need a security solution that tailor to it. Where can you find it? Endpoint Protection Plus, our antivirus for business.

How to manage your company’s computer security?

  • Control management console.

Manage your antivirus and firewall protection, even upgrade to the latest product version from a single Web browser. Control your security centrally from a single console for your entire network, including remote offices and Mac and Linux computers.

  • Disinfects workstations and endpoints infected.

Resolve security issues launching Panda Cloud Cleaner Monitor to repair any workstations infected by advanced, non-conventional malware.

  • Real-time monitoring.

You will be able to know the status of your IT infrastructure in real time. Also generates and sends reports detailing the protection status, detections and inappropriate use of resources.

  • Profile-based protection.

Assign profile-based protection policies, ensuring the most appropriate policies are applied to each group of users.

  • Web monitoring and filtering.

With Endpoint Protection Plus you will be able to increase user productivity by preventing and/or monitoring access to content belonging to categories considered unproductive or dangerous during working hours.

  • No more saturated mailboxes.

Reduce the risk of attacks on your servers with the content filter feature. Improve the users’ protection by filtering unwanted and malicious messages with the anti-spam engines.