Protecting children online is one of parents’ biggest concerns. But have we stopped to think that is not only our computers at home that need protection? Kids also use computers at school.

frightened boy

In order to protect them, schools must have a centralized management solution that manages security and protects all their computers. This solution should be applied not only in schools but in study centers and colleges also.

It is also becomes a great help facilitating students access to new technological tools and teachers to increase their teaching quality.

How to protect schools with Panda Cloud Fusion?

  1. Train your staff: teachers and educators should be the first to know how to protect the centers network. They must ensure that students use the Internet safely and react in case of emergency.
  2. Control the access to areas with computers and other connected devices.
  3. System centralized management: it is quite common that schools do not have large IT departments, so the system must be easy to manage.
  4. Remove security breaches with a protection system which includes: control network access and identity management features.