Some days ago we talked about how old infection techniques had emerged and how malware with economic goals had been combined with traditional viruses. Today, we have come across an interesting case with regard to one of the rogue morphs that has been recently detected, Antispyware3000.

Antispyware 3000 

The way it works is similar to the rest of rogue programs: once installed in the computer, it displays warning messages about false infections, so that we pay for the product, remove the threats and keep our system protected (which is not true, they will take our money and nothing else). The curious feature of this fake antivirus is that when accessing its website and downloading the installer; this installer is infected with W32/Jeefo.A, a virus that first appeared in 2003.

We don’t know whether the creators of this fake antivirus have done this on purpose or, on the contrary, they have not been careful enough when dealing with malware and have been given a taste of their own medicine.