We have seen for many years the typical fraud cases where you are told you have won a lottery price, or someone from Nigeria has chosen you to give you millions of dollars… which also means that users can be able to recognize those kind of messages and to avoid fall in that trick.

And that’s why fraudsters try to innovate and create more realistic scenarios. This week there is a message spammed to a number of users worldwide talking about a donation:

                You have been donated 1,500,000 GBP send name address mobile no for more info, Please read the article –

That URL is not the typical malicious link, it takes you to the real BBC website:

BBC Email scam


To make it more realistic, the subject of the email reads “From Neil Trotter” and if you click on reply, it will send the message with whatever you write to “”.

Of course users should never send any information to people they do not know of, even if they promise to give you 1.5 million Pounds.

Don’t fall for the trap!


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