Today we are going to review our top spyware list.

1: Adware/Lop (Up from 2nd)
2: Adware/Gator (Down from 1st)
3: Application/MyWebSearch (=)
4: Adware/SaveNow (Up from 7th)
5: Adware/nCase (Up from 6th)

It is the first time that Adware/Gator has been ousted by other adware: Adware/Lop. As we explained in last month’s list, this adware, which belongs to C2Media LTD company, had obtained the second position in our ranking.

The tenth position corresponds to Rootkit/Mhook, which is a rootkit mainly used by the Bagle family of worms in order to hide Bagle and to go unnoticed in the infected computers. This type of rootkits is being more and more used by spyware.

In the fourteenth position is Trj/QQPass.JZ, which is a password stealer type Trojan that obtains passwords from the instant messaging program “Tencent QQ”. It is worth mentioning that this program is very widespread in the Asian countries.

Application/DriveCleaner gains two positions from last month’s seventeenth position to fifteenth. It is a program that supposedly repairs computer errors and is usually promoted in false advertising that uses animated gif or flash files. It seems to analyse user’s computer and find supposed errors. Then, it is the user who voluntarily installs the program and if he/she does not register paying a certain amount of money, these errors will not disappear.