Pressures at work and home mean that many people struggle to find time to make new friends. As a result, we are increasingly reliant on Internet services to meet people – and find love.

As some of the most popular dating services, apps like Tinder and Grindr have managed to hog the limelight for years. But the generic nature of these apps makes them unsuitable for some people – the suggested matches can be extremely inaccurate for example, mismatching interests, location or personality.

Farmder – dating becomes more specific

Aware of these limitations, and with a desire to help people find better potential love matches, Michelle Li has built a new mobile app. Named “Farmder”, the app is targeted at a specific group of people – those living in rural areas.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Li explained the importance of Farmder, which has been described as “Tinder for farmers”;

“It’s very difficult to find the right one on Tinder if you have any specific requirements.

“For example, if you are a biker, it’s likely that you want to only date other bikers.

“So a dating app specifically for bikers and riders would be better than Tinder in this scenario.

“There are many niche dating apps in different fields. Why not one for single farmers?”

Although targeted at farmers, Li hopes that Farmder will help anyone living in rural areas make new friends – or find love.

New app, same old rules apply

Because it is targeted at a smaller group of users, Farmder will inevitably be used by fewer people. Despite this, users will still need to exercise caution to protect themselves from fraud, identity theft and harassment.

More specifically, Farmder users should:

1. Secure their personal data

Farmder provides a range of settings designed to protect your personal data. Make sure that you fully understand these features and they are set to maximum wherever possible. You should also choose a strong password for your account to keep hackers out.

2. Share information carefully

As you connect with other Farmder users, use your common sense before sharing personal information. Always arrange to meet in a public place to protect your home address for instance. And never, ever share details like bank accounts or passwords – even if the contact claims to work for Farmder.

3. Install antivirus

Ensure that data stored in the app is properly protected from loss and theft by installing mobile anti-malware. As an added bonus, you will be protected from receiving malware sent by other users that could compromise your phone.

4.Common sense is king

Whether you are using Farmder, Tinder, or any other dating app, you must exercise caution. Your personal data is hugely valuable to criminals, and they will use any trick they can to steal it. Always think very carefully before sharing information publicly, or you could become a victim of cybercrime.

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