You have configured your photographs, privacy settings, and your lists. Does that mean your profile is out of danger and prying reach? No. We still have one loose end: applications. These programs with which we interact with, can have access to all our information that we share in our personal profile, and can even publish on our behalf.


Which Applications Can View My Facebook Profile

Contests, games, promotions… there are thousands of applications available on Facebook, to which many of us we get daily. Most of these applications are developed by companies or brands to boost social presence, win more fans, and to obtain certain data about their followers.

To access these applications normally, we accept the transfer of certain information such as name, age, photos, contacts…

It may be that we do not think it’s important for the company or brand in question get this information; however we must know that we have the option, once the game is used or the promotion is terminated, to remove the access of this app to our data.

To do this, one will have to go to Privacy Settings/Applications/Show All Applications. Then all our applications who have been receiving access to our data will appear. From here, we can configure the access to our data.



Another option that we control is the “applications that others use“, designed primarily for applications created by other companies. Here we can limit the information that cannot be disclosed by Facebook to these other companies.

app others use

Once this section is closed, we will have controlled our Facebook profile settings. The key steps are:

1. How to set up lists of friends on Facebook

2. How to control the privacy of photographs shared on Facebook

3. Who can interact with the information we share on Facebook and with our profile

4. Which applications can view our Facebook profiles

We encourage you to spend an afternoon setting these parameters. The image we give of ourselves in social networks is becoming more important and has more weight in the employment screening process.

Do you think that Facebook complicates and hinders access to this type of configuration to avoid users from restricting the information that we share?