The perpetrators behind the recent Classmates and Facebook Malware incident are now refocusing their attack on Bank of America customers.  The new website is designed to look like a Bank of America Help page and reads:
“You have not been permitted to access the Bank of America Direct® login page because your browser did not provide a valid digital certificate. In order to access Bank of America Direct, you must have a valid Digital Certificate installed on your PC.  For help, please select from the help links below.”

Bank of America Malware Site

The page includes a fake video which is labeled as an “Installation Demo” but points to a Malicious Executable named Adobeflashplayer.exe, which we detect as Trj/Spyforms.BZ.

Trj/Spyforms.BZ is primarily distributed through links in spam e-mails and the Trojan is designed to monitor network traffic and steal ftp, icq, pop3, and imap passwords.  The stolen data is then sent back to a server located in Hong Kong.