Organized by Panda Security, the Panda Security Summit will be attended by professionals from leading companies and institutions in the European IT and technology sector.

#PASS2019 will cement its place as one of the unmissable events in the cybersecurity calendar. At this second edition, leaders from the European Commission, Gartner, TelefĂłnica and CaixaBank, as well as the director of PandaLabs, will all share experiences and explain different cybersecurity trends in Europe.

Panda Security Summit will bring together in Madrid almost 1000 attendees from leading European companies and institutions, including CISOs, CIOs, heads of cybersecurity, experts in the field, and CEOs.

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The agenda

The European Cybersecurity Hub will emphasize how important it is to be proactive and to renew detection methods, given how challenging and volatile an industry cybersecurity is.

In five conferences, nine different speakers will discuss the leading trends in threats and cyberattacks, national cybersecurity strategies, and the protection needs of public and private institutions. Throughout the event, there will be a particular emphasis on threat hunting techniques. Because these days, digital risk management is a key task in any company, regardless of its size or sector. They need to know how to act proactively, and not limit themselves to preventing known attacks; they must also make time to get to know the new tactics that are being employed by the cybercriminals who want to endanger their security.

Many of these threat hunting tactics will be analyzed by the speakers in their respective conferences, all of which can be consulted here.

The speakers

  • Miguel González-Sancho, head of the Unit “Cybersecurity Technology and Capacity Building” at the European Commission will share his vision of the socio-political framework set out in National Security Strategies, as well as the needs that arise when transferring this framework to the European business environment.
  • Pete Shoard, senior Endpoint and Security Operations analyst at Gartner will show in detail the most important aspects of the analyses carried out by managed security service providers, security monitoring technologies and risk management in cybersecurity.
  • Alejandro Ramos, Global Chief Digital Security Officer, and Alejandro Becerra, CISO at TelefĂłnica will give a conference on the development of threat detection strategies at TelefĂłnica, from the point of view of the customer, a SOC and a service provider.
  • Lucas Varela, e-Crime and Security Analytics Manager at CaixaBank will explain how intelligence systems are used to detect threats in the banking sector. He will also provide information about efficiency in incident response, and will go over the latest malware and banking threat trends.
  • Pedro UrĂ­a, director of PandaLabs, Panda Security’s analysis and investigation laboratory, will discuss, among other things, the most advanced threat hunting techniques. He will underscore how important it is to discover the new ways that hackers are behaving, since most of the time, they use proprietary malware or legitimate applications and goodware in order to go unnoticed by the most common cybersecurity solutions.
  • JosĂ© Sancho, president of Panda, Juan SantamarĂ­a, CEO of Panda, and MarĂ­a Campos, KA and Telecoms at Panda Security, will present #PASS2019, and will share their views on the main strategies for success against cyberattacks.

Workshops and an immersive experience

There will be five workshops at #PASS2019 where attendees will be abel to learn more about the subjects discussed in the conferences. You will also be able to experience first-hand how the different steps that make up the killchain of a cyberattack unfold.

We’ll get inside an infection to discover the routes followed by cybercriminals to get onto our networks. Here we’ll see the resources that have the capacity to take over our IT park, and how our network is affected as the infection advances. Get inside our Cyber-Kill Chain! You’re invited to share the experience of being the lead actor in a cyberattack.

These workshops will be run by Panda Security Specialists. They will explain in detail the advantages of including threat hunting services in business cybersecurity strategies. They will also share the fundamentals for investigating, locating and isolating attacks at any point along the killchain, all in real-time, and thus reduce the reaction time between detection and deactivation.

You’re invited! We look forward to seeing you at the Panda Security Summit.

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