It’s been a few weeks since Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook was working on incorporating the much awaited dislike button into its website, finally allowing users to give the thumbs down to posts that they don’t like.

As expected, some scheming cybercriminals have taken it upon themselves to introduce the dislike option ahead of the official Facebook launch. However, you’re not going to like what you get if you download it.

What’s most likely to happen if you download this fake dislike option is that you will pass all control of your account to the cybercriminals and, even worse, they could install malware on your computer rendering it unusable.

How can we find this supposed dislike button on our profiles? There are a few versions:


dislike facebook

dislike button

So, now you know that if you find anything like this on your profile that you should ignore it. Also, don’t share these fraudulent pages on your timeline!