One of the readers of this blog was nice enough to create a GUI frontend to Panda Antivirus Command Line (PAVCL). It's a small little utility that's really useful for certain tasks. From the main window you can configure the scan, update the signature database, select what you want to scan and launch the scan. The results window shows both the progress output as well as the detection output, by either selcting Logs->All or Logs->Detections. The "View Message" option will open a resizeable and more readable window showing the output.


From the configuration window you can select all the options which are available through command-line switches. Also you can define where to write the report to.


Finally a short disclaimer. This freeware utility is not developed nor supported by Panda Security. Its author can be reached by email at pavclgui[at] for suggestions and kudos.

Click on the following link to download the PAVCL GUI installer. The installer will create a directory on your desktop and copy both the PAVCL and PAVCL-GUI files. Simply run "pavcl gui.exe" from this directory.

The installer does not include a signature file (pav.sig) for size reasons. To download a free signature file from this blog (updated "whenever-I-have-a-chance") click on However within the PAVCL GUI utility you can enter your registered Panda CustomerID to download updated signatures on-demand.


UPDATE 9/23/2008 – Version 1.0.3 released:

Changes in this version:
– URL to pav.sig in config file is encrypted.
– Limited the credential field to 10 characters for security reasons.
– Added password-style text entry for credential passwords.
– Allowed additional action, to "report only" malware.
– Allowed additional arguments to be sent to pavcl.
– Removed redundant switches in "options" window.

You can download version 1.0.3 of the freeware PAVCL GUI installer and a not-so-frequently updated pav.sig from this page. As always kudos go to pavclgui[at] I'd like to thank the author for his continued effort and for providing this truly useful utility free of charge for the community.