We have seen many scams involving text messages, the most recent one in Spain a few days ago; crooks sent innocent users this SMS…

sms scam

“Hello! What are you doing? You have forgotten about me, eh? Do you know who I am, or not? LOL… You didn’t answer to my SMS, uh?  Are you alright? XOXO (Answer WHO and …)”

This is what reads in the captured SMSs.

Have you received this type of text message?

This is happening in Spain, where the National Police has alerted in their Twitter account about these types of messages.

What is the criminal’s benefit? It’s an economic profit, evidently. How? There are two possibilities:

  • Subscription to SMS Premium services, which will increase your telephone bill.
  • Exchanging messages with a machine for hours, paying important amounts of money for each message.

So, if you receive a SMS like this on your cellphone, just ignore it! No acquaintance of yours would contact you like this.

Even if you are not in Spain, we advise you to be careful! You never know where the cybercriminals may strike again!