Published by Aitor Marro, June 10th 2010

“I” am a user myself, but “I” also work in a Tech Support Dept.

“I” understand perfectly well that users sometimes would rather slit their wrists that contact a call-center. It happens to me as well.

“I” have been providing technical support to users for three years now and to be honest with you, sometimes I’d rather slit my wrists too.

As you can see, life is not easy for any of the two “MEs”. However, I do believe it can be a little bit better just by following a few simple tips.

Let’s start…

  • Before you call, restart your computer. Actually, this is the first thing that I will ask you to do, so why waste time?
  • If you are experiencing some strange error with your browser or similar, just don’t call us explaining that you get a message with the word “ERROR” and some strange numbers. Write them down!  You’ll have to do it sooner or later as this is the second thing that I will ask from you…
  • Please remember that “I” can’t see what is going on on your PC. I need data, really. It is not curiosity or the desire to bother you. And finally, one important thing. I can’t always give you a straight answer right away…


If, despite all this, you are still one of those who hate calling me, try the forum. It will probably be “ME” who is answering you, although in this case it might as well be another user. Judging from the visits we get we know it works!
Ah, one last thing.  If you don’t call me again, my two “MEs” will regret having written this post an awful lot.   ‘Cause in the end.. I can’t live without you!!!

If you have ever felt like this, either as users or support technicians, I’d love to have you share your comments with us.

Note: the source idea of this article is this one Get fantastic tech support that I hope you like.


Aitor Marro introduces himself: I’ve been working in Panda since April 2000. I am presently the head of all the Tech Support Departments across all Panda Security subsidiaries, which gives me a global perspective of users’ support needs everywhere in the world. My passions in life are my son, my family, spending as much time as I can on the beach…and of course the Athletic de Bilbao football team